Popstar: Reflections - An Immersive Media Campaign

IN collaboration with Intellexual + Fantasy records

The immersive entertainment campaign for musical group Intellexual's track Popstar is a multichannel transmedia marketing campaign designed to further promote their self-titled debut album.  

Commissioned by Fantasy Records, the campaign incorporates several immersive, story-based creative elements distributed across multiple platforms to engage with wide audiences across generations and elevate the traditional music experience using the best XR has to offer.

Content offerings included a 360 music video, AR filters on Snapchat and Instagram closely tied to the overall creative design, a teaser campaign across social media that escalated through release, behind-the-scenes footage that continued rollout support, and looping videos for Spotify canvas derived from the 360 piece.

Fever Content produced an incredibly beautiful piece of art with this video.

They came to us with an ambitious creative plan and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.
— Nate Fox

360 Video


Popstar : Reflections is a modern love story told through a mirror maze of optical illusions. Enter a lush cinematic virtual world brought to life by cutting edge in-camera techniques, mirrors, reflections and time-lapse footage. 

In this emotionally immersive, 360/VR experience, a couple is invited by their reflection to journey into the memory of how they met, allowing them to fall in love all over again, see each other anew, and keep their relationship in tact. 

The experience merges dream logic with modern aesthetics and a timeless theme to create a diverse world and illuminate the history of a relationship.  Watch over and over to explore the interwoven story lines from multiple perspectives echoed in the mirrors placed throughout each scene.


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AR Filter

Popstar AR banner (1).jpg

Supporting the overall theme in the 360 music video, unique AR filters allow users to create their own fractured self-portraits on Snapchat or Instagram. Representing how the main characters are affected by their inner pressures and memories, the AR filters transform the user’s face into a collection of mirror-like shards. Each reflection contains a piece of the user’s face and some aspect of the surrounding environment. Championed by influencers across cast, crew, and culture, social media posts using the AR filter push additional viewers to the 360 music video.


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Behind the Scenes

BTS key art.jpg

Positioned as campaign support after launch across social media with cast, crew, and musician interviews as well as stills and b-roll, the behind-the-scenes footage grants fans a personal look at the thought and process that went into producing the creative design behind the story and world of the 360 experience, as well as the secrets behind how the heck we pulled off the most technically challenging moments.


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Spotify Canvas

Servicing a current trend across music streaming platforms, a looping video was extracted from the 360 experience to play continuously on smartphones when Intellexual's track Popstar was chosen to play. This content worked hand in hand with bleeding edge technology still currently in beta!


Social Media Campaign

In unison with Intellexual's artistic drive and relationship with their fans, Fever Content crafted the social media campaign for Fantasy Records to roll out over multiple phases. Curated art and copy began building awareness weeks before the launch of the 360 music video. Influencer support followed suit using key art and emotional moments captured onset, as well as events centered around niche communities. Videos captured using the AR filters then heightened awareness of this marketing tool. Finally, behind-the-scenes footage celebrate the accomplishments of making this immersive magic come to life.


 credits- 360 video

Elia Petridis - Creative Director
Ben Miller – Head of Creative Strategy
Marlene Lacasse - Art Director
Rylan Soref - Strategy & Business Development Lindsay Sunada – Creative Department Coordinator

Hud - Madison Paige
Cece - Pauline Brown

DIRECTOR - Elia Petridis
PRODUCER - Fresh Carreras
VR PRODUCER - Amanda Shelby
Director of photogrpahy - Sam Gezari
1 AD - Bashir Taylor
VFX - SUPERVISOR Josiah Reeves

credits- AR Filter

Michael Nicoll
clay weishaar

credits- BTS

Lindsay Sunada
Harley Astorga